Friday, 21 June 2013

Episode The Twelfth! OwOb HEAVENS GATE~

Warning: viewer's discretion is advised, as this episode may cause excessive fangirlism while its playing. Do search the video up on Google, sit back and enjoy the show~ Or just buy their DVD to support the company :D

        LOL. Before we delve into this week's goodie bag, let's just say that this episode has the typical "sugoi, what's this? I've never heard of such thing''s....beyond our levels. SUGOI~" sort of theme, but hey, so does every anime XD Why? Well, apparently QUARTET NIGHT is totally affected by their juniors' song Maji Love 2000%. They're on cloud nine, seeing hearts and sparkles everywhere the last time they heard the song. Ai comes to care for STARISH, in his own computerized, robots-have-a-heart way. Did I mention that Ai's a humanoid? :P You can find out more about it on the Wiki or the game play. Whenever he recalls back to the song, he can feel something in his chest, a metal heart that finally learns to feel human emotions and be touched. Believing in others, is rather foreign to this humanoid. For some reason, his face...when he's taken away by the Maji Love cloud, it looks so...erotic? =w=llllll Hehehehehehehehe~ XD
        Even Ranmaru feels something, but he tries to be ignorant about it, doesn't want to admit that he's got the Maji Love bug. For a rock-and-roller, he used to be rolled over by his band mates as they abandon him during their last concert, before he joins QUARTET NIGHT. This turn of event results in the cold and unfriendly Ranmaru we have today, though I can see his layers of emoness shedding a bit after listening to Maji Love 2000%.

       Camus (or Camiu~ XD) makes his own conclusion that everyone who hears the song is definitely affected by it, and may experience some change, though HE himself won't confess about how it's affecting him, too. Totally the same as Ranmaru, just prouder. It seems that QUARTET NIGHT only sings together sometimes, when Shining wants them to. Most of the time, they work alone primarily. Not like STARISH, who're a group, a team.

       Reiji's still the upbeat, friendly senpai among them all. I like his positive attitude and his way of reaching out to his co-members. Pity him for having to work with those cold senpais, but I don't think he minds.

       STARISH is all pumped up and praises Nanami for her brilliant arrangement. Tomo-chan and Ringo sensei chip in, too, making their (sexy) sparkly stage clothes~ complete with their signature colours and tassels, tassels, tassels~ After that, they go practice their dance, with Nanami playing the piano, and the senpais watching them. Most of them are OK with their moves, only.....Cecil.....he's just spinning in slow motion, arms spread wide, sparkles encircling him as he does his slow dance and everyone just stops and watches him with awed looks and sweatdrops =w=llll They try the second time, but Cecil is still spinning =w=llll I don't think anybody can resist his perfect, handsome face, those high slanting cheekbones, his chocolate hair~ >///w///< But, seriously though, that dance is just ridiculous =w=llllll LMAO. Apparently, "It's a traditional sacred dance of Agnapolis. It's a dance for the muses, the Agnadance." LOL, and a habit of the prince XD "The prince of Aganpolis sings more than he speaks. He begins dancing as soon as he's old enough. Everything is for the muses." Cue Cecil back in his childhood, all little and cute~ >w< Kawaii~~~~<3

        OK, back to business! Syo takes charge, teaching Cecil the right moves and helping him overcome his habit. I never expected this, but them working together, after countless little quarrels, I guess people change =w= As long as Cecil doesn't spin randomly, he'll be fine~ XD 

       Later, in the music room~ it's the middle of the night, Cecil sneaks out of bed and actually continues practicing. I don't blame him XD Sometimes I get up from bed and start doing things I feel like doing whenever inspiration strikes. It's like a calling from passion. Cecil sweating, kakoyiii na~~~~ suteki~~~~ >////w////< Sigh~ His sweat just sparkles like dewdrops~

      This anime is just full of people believing in each other =w=lllll too much faith in one series. One by one, the other members of STARISH arrives to watch him, coincidentally =w=llll Their performance is tomorrow :O What will they do now?

      The next day! THE DAY FINALLY COMES. It's the concert showdown between the Uta Pri Award nominees STARISH and their rival HEAVENS!!!!! Ohoho~ 11 episodes, 77 days of waiting and 15 minutes into the episode and we've FINALLY REACH THE ULTIMATE COMPETITION~~~~WOO!!!!! XD Feeling sho high right now~~~ lol! XD Jets, multicoloured hot air balloons, helicopters, all present to broadcast the show live! The Uta Prince Brand New Award! Woooo~~~~~ XD In their dressing room, STARISH are all dressed, handsome as ever, ready for their song! Cecil claims that he has suppressed his habit for the Agnadance, O.O He's still spinning =w=llll It's OK, apparently he's just doing it as a prayer to the muses, his angelic face lit up by more sparkles. Where the heck do those sparkles come from anyway? =w=llll Throughout the whole 12 episodes, not one is lacking the sparkles, LOL! Well, as Ren, Masato and Tokiya say, let's just believe =w=llll 

        Just great. == As Nanami climbs up the stairs, guess who she bumps into? It just has to be HEAVENS, doesn't it? =.= Otori is still S as ever, Nagi the little midget...still a midget =3= and Kira stays silent all the way. I just noticed a cute little gold bunny on the lapel of Kira's shirt, matching his golden eyes. Jiiiiiii~ just move your heavenly asses already, the three of you! =3= Nanami needs you guys to GTFO, so why are you as annoying and persistant as the mosquitos in my room? == And get your hands off Nanami, Otori == Slimy git, even though he has very nice purple eyes. Thank goodness Ranmaru comes to the rescue. After the bullies have gone, he asks Nanami a question that has obviously been invading his mind the whole time ever since he heard STARISH's song: What are friends to you? 

      As she dips her head down and smiles, I can just imagine Nanami going, "Friends are the sparkliest stars you'll ever see in your life, who showers you with rainbow hearts and lots and lots of love~!" =w=llll nah, it's not that fuwa fuwa. She just answers that to her, friends are people who feel each other's passion up close. Exactly like what Reiji said earlier. I thought friends are like stars to you? Apparently not today =w=lll Wait, does Ranmaru have grey eye shadow on his eye lids? =w=llll 

      Sparks flare! Just outside the stadium where the concert is held. Everyone's there, cheering them on, witnessing the battle of the boy bands. Hyuuga sensei shall be the commentator >//w//< Up in the theatre boxes are the committee seats, all occupied by prominent figures in various fields, serving as members of the Uta Pri committee. They're all dressed to impress, wearing masks like dancers in a ballroom. 

      A cold laugh echoes throughout the stadium, revealing both Raging Otori and Shining Saotome rising up on cylindrical platforms, still laughing =w=llll They sure have a lot in common. Lightning crackles around Raging, as he calls out to HEAVENS, with Raging Storm as their song. STARISH just watch them on TV in their dressing room, checking out their opponent.

      One word for Raging Storm: wow O.O You know how fuwa fuwa, bubbly and happy STARISH's songs are? Well, theirs is the complete opposite. All rock and bass and angst. The BASS~<3 (Mio!!! ((eh? This ain't K-On =w=lll) They ooze charisma and cool. I dislike them at first, they're so obnoxious and stuck-up, but once they open their mouths to sing, I'm blown, swept away by their fiery song, like the rest of the fans. I'm being pulled down to their fan base, the judges are burned - I'M burned - by the dragon's blue fire, by their performance, just awed by it. O.O It just gives me the goosebumps~ Already I keep replaying their performance for more than 10 times O.O STARISH is all hearts and rainbow colours and sparkles, but HEAVENS, oh no, none of that fluffy shit, they're all blue fire and explosions and martial arts, the lime light shining from the sky, with them riding on this big ass dragon (Skyrim~~~ FUS RO DAH~~~((piak~). They even spell out their group name like STARISH did in Maji Love 2000%. Their song is, after all, composed by Nanami as well. Yes, call HEAVENS~ Yes, call HEAVENS~ Oooo~ I even know some of their moves, which look like they're drawing a halo around their heads, signifying their fans, the Angels. They actually sing...pretty excellent @@ Shit~ How will STARISH win this thang with their fluffy, happy song? =3= It's so obvious that HEAVENS' song is by far the strongest. The coolest. The most powerful compared to STARISH's @@ Doushiyo????? OMG, am I actually switching sides??? ((chigau!!! QAQ And how come the fans are still standing and cheering and not burned into a tray of chips after getting doused in blue flames? This makes no sense =3=

       STARISH just look at the TV screen, shell shocked. HEAVENS pose on stage, the blue fire licking at their feet, their index fingers pointing skyward. They might as well give them the middle finger, finishing off the message they're sending them with a flourish =w=b Nanami and Tomo-chan look up at them among the audience, frightened, awed, by their immense talent in music. Shit just got real~

      Wish they can quickly broadcast the next episode >3< I wanna see the fudging results!

      I skipped my Grade 5 piano exams yesterday. Children should not do this :P I'm just not prepared for it. I chickened out, I know, but I don't feel like taking up the exams QAQ I mean, I'm interested in piano, I really do, but most of the time I just depend on my mood and see if I want to play it and practice or not. I didn't expect my piano exams to be this early either QAQ At first, I thought that I was going to take it AFTER SPM, but it turns out to be this year, this month. Great >< Just brilliant. Even if I do go take up the exams, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail it anyway, like my last exam, since that I barely practiced. When will I get to play like Nanami? QAQ lllOTL

      Today's Sports Day back in my school. My last one =3= sigh~ I miss it already QAQ I didn't really watch the races and sprints and all that, but I had a great time with my friends, chatting, laughing, making jokes, reminisce stories. I only ate a slice of Domino's pepperoni pizza (Thanks, Alice ^^), bought an orange popsicle and an orange sherbet. Oishiii~ ^^ Too bad I didn't buy any of the rice cakes and kuih the Form 3's were selling QAQ Sigh~ Currypuff, me want QAQ Truth be told, this year's YE's products on sale aren't as appealing, and seem to go downhill a bit. Sorry QAQ That aside, the whole school is just bursting with students and teachers alike. My schoolmates are such a supporting audience, cheering the athletes on, shouting out for their teams. You'd think it's some sort of concert, the way they're screaming =w=llll That's OK, I sort of shouted as well :P Way up on the balcony outside the classrooms. A few graduates and old friends from Tenby stopped by at school, a total reunion ^^ And then there're the uniformed groups, marching on the field, countless marching practices over the past few months and years paid off, all tanned and upright and steady in their positions and formations. Sugoi O.O 

      Once the whole event was over, I went to the convenience store across the school with my bestie, eating cup noodles to our hearts' content ^^ I'm gonna miss these moments I spent with my friends QAQ wuuuu~ Why can't days like these go on forever and ever? I actually feel shiawase, all happy. Happy that I have such awesome pals, ones who I'm proud to call my besties. Happy that I get to experience the ups in life.

      I guess sooner or later I'll have to face the downside as well. SPM is coming in less than 5 months, the teachers constantly reminding us the countdown. Sigh. Even my parents are getting uptight over my lack of studying. Shit QAQ Doushiyo??? Kowaii na, testo QAQ 

      10 A's, here I come. Yippee ==

Friday, 14 June 2013

Dreamer's Symphony, how dreamy~


        Just the previous night, he spotted Nanami across the lake. The scene then changes to the next morning, show Tokiya in Shining's office. He's offered a job! Advertisement! Woots~ XD With the Uta Pri showdown coming up, Shining thinks it's best for them to win more fans, so this is an important opportunity for Tokiya! But then Tokiya asks him if its true that he gave HEAVENS Nanami's songs so that it'll be a fair fight. Well, that's right~ as Shining says. Oh well. You DO care, Tokiya~ for Nanami! Awww~ >//w///<

       The sky darkens as Tokiya exits the building, and rain starts pouring down. Nanami's in her room, hugging her legs to her chest on her green bed, still thinking back about the recent events, of how STARISH finally forms together as a seven-member band, yet with new competition they're on the brink of disbandment. Unfair, right? >< Cecil is walking when he suddenly takes a look at his pendant. Immediately he sees that it loses its glow. "What's going on?" What's going on, indeed?

       Nanami stands over her desk, fresh sheets of paper with bar lines on them ready for filling in. Shining looks out of the window and muses that it's up to Nanami's arrangement to determine STARISH's fate, before laughing maniacally, lightning striking in the background for more effect. Back in Nanami's room, a lamp emits a pool of light over the desk, illuminating the newly composed scores, along with the rejected ones crumpled in the bin. Nanami's scribbling, working hard to make a song that can beat the rest. Cecil the stalker, in a yellow raincoat, watches Nanami work through the window ((wait, how did he get there? Isn't that, like, the second floor? Balcony? Did he climb the trees again? @@ Although...why bother? Maji Love 2000% is already good enough. And HEAVENS can just pick one of the songs Nanami has written before, right?

       At the TV station, Cecil shares this with the rest of STARISH, commenting on how she's not acting her usual self anymore, she wouldn't even talk to Cecil :( Syo also puts in that she's been cooped up in her room this whole time. They all know how Nanami is: she's under a lot of pressure, but she doesn't complain or shares her problems with the others. She only keeps everything to herself and tries to work it all out on her own without anyone's help.

      Eventually, Nanami's work is done, and she shows it to Ringo sensei for a review of it. Her technique is sophisticated, everything seems amazing, but somehow, Ringo frowns at the midsection of the song, scowling at it, saying that it feels like it lost something, like excitement, or energy, important elements in a song that keep the crowd going.

      What to do? :( Nanami walks along a cloister, raindrops pitter-pattering in the background. She looks up, and there's Tokiya >///< It seems that he's back early. The others still have work in the station. He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket, handing it to Nanami, an invitation for her to see him sing her song ^^ waaah~ subarashi~~~ Nanami just looks at him as he smiles. He smiles! He SMILES~ *le fangirl squeal~~~ I shall have that picture forever engraved in my heart~ ((siao ah? =w=llll

       Ah, it's the advertisement he's working on, but he also wants Nanami to go hear the song. Sigh~ In the bustling city, neon lights glow brightly under the dark sky, against the dark shadows of the buildings. I wonder if Nanami will get lost again =w=llll Aww~ Tokiya sees her all pressured at work, and offers her a break from it. He's so caring~ :))) She looks up at a building, a screen set on it, the place where she first saw Hayato aka Tokiya sing. Wow, seeing all the events going up till now, it DOES feel like Nanami's fandom is a long time ago. =w=llll

      A burst of bubbles and sparkles on the screen reveals Tokiya, dressed in a princely purple outfit, complete with tassels on the shoulders. Apparently, the venue of his ad is a grand ballroom. "Tonight, I want you to be the only one to hear my song." <3 OMG~ Imagine him doing that in HD, proposing to Nanami~ Waaaah~~~ ((fantasy going hyperdrive~~~ The female audience in the city starts cheering, with Nanami watching the screen, her golden eyes widen in awe. And music! Starto!

The wings sleeping on your back wait only for the wind,
Surrender yourself and close your eyes,
You should be able to feel the warmth. ((cue sparkly blue butterflies (((vampire bats!))) flying over to Nanami))
It continues waiting on the shining hill ((light shining on Nanami from the heavens))
The dream in which you take flight 
Hold my hand and believe ((Tokiya's in front of her! >/////< HOLDING HER HAND~~~~ASDFGHJKL!!!! <3<3<3))
Let's take flight together ((both of them rise in the air!))
Remember (feel my heart) ((a white gown, complete with poofy sleeves, poofy skirt,white gloves and tiara appears and replaces her casual wear @@ Magic~))
That smile (feel my love) ((Omigosh, his blue, blue eyes~<3))
This endless music, this rainbow melody,
This eternally sparkling stardust song ((You know, I feel that Japanese songs tend to be more descriptive and metaphoric, all sparkly and fuwa fuwa, sort of :P))
Do you remember, Princess? ((They totally sped up the previous song! @@))
The seven-coloured compass ((flashback to Hayato moments~ <3))
Like a crystal, see
Glitters with the future ((pika! pika! the sparkles and the heart-shaped necklace on Nanami somehow reminds me of...Sailormoon? =w=llll))
Don't cry, lost heart
I will always be by your side
I give you this dream of time, let's spend it together
Feel crystal time ((I have no idea what this means =w=lll the English! sigh~ =3=))

       As the song ends and the piano arrangement trails off to a stop, a burst of light dims over his heart, tiny sparkles shower over the audience, and Tokiya's closed eyes opens, those blue blue eyes smiling. Kyaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~ The crowd goes wild~ excited over the new song~ ^^

      Someone accidentally bumps into Haruka, making her fall as he ambles off. A hand is reached out in front of her, offering her help. "Daijoubu desuka?" ("Are you all right?") The stranger pulls down his scarf, revealing Tokiya's handsome, bespectacled face, the eyelashes long enough to sweep me off my feet~ ((eh? @[]@ He's obviously in disguise~ "Konbanwa." ("Good evening") REPLAY!!!!!!! ((oi! That deep, smexy voice~ oh~! Even Nanami's flustered! LOL~ XD

    In order to avoid attracting attention, Tokiya leads her away the crowd. "We'll attract attention. This way." ASDFGHJKL!!!!! <3 There seems to be a festival, with the usual food stalls and colouful lanterns and the yukatas. Heck, Tokiya's in a yukata, too, and has taken off his disguise (don't you still need it? @[]@) and says, "Saa. Ikimashou." ("Come. Let's go.") Demo....Nanami's stomach suddenly rumbles in hunger OAO Haha, their expressions are so cute! XD They buy a box of takoyaki instead, sitting in a secluded corner, on a bench. Wow, Nanami's working so hard she must've skipped meals @@ Sigh~ Tokiya's so...chivalry~ and kind~ A smile lights up his features as he helps her pop the cooled takoyaki in her mouth. Her eating expression is just too cute to resist XD "Someone like you needs someone by her side. I'll stay with you the rest of the night. Let's go." !!! Wow~ I wish he'd say that to me~ ((in your dreams~ 

     So they spend the night playing games in various stalls, from shooting (gasp! did you realize your target is your own CD??? QAQ) (Sigh~ the way he guides her with the gun~<3), to catching goldfish (the tiny net breaks =w=lllll) (LOL, she blushes~ his gaze is just so tender~ why is he so delicious??? ((piak~) to trying on masks XD 

      As they continue walking, Nanami says his song is wonderful, and it sounds a little different from the ones he sung before. "You brought out my potential." Of course she did~ He's curious about his previous alter ego, Hayato. Even though it's only work, he's born inside of him. I think he thought of that and incorporate those lyrics into his song O.O sugoi~ So Hayato is sort of a part of him XD He'll do anything to sing her songs (Aww~) and she in turn will do her best to compose a song that can beat HEAVENS. Eh? OAO Ochitsuke, Nanami~ "I love the music of your true self." Nanami actually told him that before in the first season? O.O I can't even remember~ He has good memory~ She actually cried before in front of him O.O Chim~~~ Oh~ another because-of-you-I've-changed speech from Tokiya. All the boys have said it. Nanami, you sure made a difference =w=b Come, I clap for you~((piak~ Yes~ the message is finally drilled into her stressed-out brain. Write more HAPPY songs, not bombastic ones. Can't believe you forgot about your own motto, Nanami >< I guess you have too much pressure on you. Aaaaaand she cried >< The water works come just in time @@ TRIPLE AWWWWW~! He hugs her~~~ ^^ Jeez, this is SO the perfect moment for his confession and him kissing her right here and there! God! I mean, he has that whole I'll-be-by-your-side-don't-try-to-take-on-everything-by-yourself speech. He's missing the most important three words @@ Gamdong! Just gamdong, man! Now kiss her already! 

     Sigh~ Nanami's still crying =.= Moment ruined =m=

     I know there's love in the air. He's way more mature and thoughtful than the rest of STARISH, if you compare all the episodes. This is by far the sweetest ever. He's so caring and kind. And he, unlike the rest, didn't make a move on her. He just stays by her side, lending her a listening ear, pulling her up on her feet, giving her a good time. Now THAT'S boyfriend potential. Shows that you don't need those lustful, physical, public display of affection to bond with your partner. 

     Here comes another Mirai Chizu-like moment and song~ :DDD All of STARISH come to see her, sending in their song of comfort and assurance. There's even finger-snapping! And Ren tied u his hair XD A change of scene shows Nanami swinging on a swing~ surrounded by bright flowers and a sky-blue background. Everyone's all in white~ SO Mirai Chizu~ I guess this song is DREAMER'S SYMPHONY? :P With flowers, hearts and stars. All a cheerful tone to it. 

     Minna-san's all in yukata dayo~ Kakoyiii na~~~ >///w///< EVERYONE CARES~~~ :D If this is part of literature in our school curriculum, I would've put this as a community of people who cares! XD Masyarakat penyayang xD Gamdong again~ tears of gratitude sluice Nanami's cheeks. Hehehehehehehehehehehe~ Everyone was planning to invite Nanami for the fireworks, but Tokiya did it himself and came later than usual. Everyone's pestering him with tons of questions about what happened before they arrive. Hehehehehehehehehe~ so they're all jealous~ *grins* Jelly jelly, jealous~ Tokiya looks so flustered and helpless as he's tackled by his mates XD Nanami can only sweatdropped =w=lllll

      Phew! Saved by the fireworks ^^ And this happy ending closes to...more credits! God, Tokiya's "I feel you T." is sooooo smexy~ >////w////< Guess I'll go to bed now. I really, really enjoyed this episode ^^ Tokiya finally, finally FINALLY gets the spotlight he deserves ^^ He's so much more cooler than the rest. Fine, maybe I'm just biased, but seriously, everyone's so worked up over their feelings to her, and what did Tokiya do? Comfort her. Care for her. Have fun with her. Actually make her HAPPY. I wish my boyfriend can be like that :P A girl can dream, can't she? Even if she's still young for romance.

     Jaa~ Sweet dreams, minnasan!


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hua! Crystal Time! ((Ultraman pose~

That's it! They're just dragging my hopes away! I don't think Tokiya is able to have his spotlight again TT^TT What with the nomination and all. Sigh~ ((don't lose hope! Episode 10, hajimeruyo~ Music, starto! *snaps fingers* (I can't snap my fingers QAQ)

           I can't see why the fans love HEAVENS. The leader is just so obnoxious! Looks more like a nerd to me =3= The emo kid with the golden eyes is cool, even if he doesn't say much, and the "cosmically cute" Nagi can easily grab any girl's attention, but I still don't like them =3= maybe with more songs on the way, and a bit of attitude change, I may change my mind, but that's how antagonists go, I guess. They have an obvious rivalry with the protagonists, and they either have a change of heart in the end or they continue on to be jerks.

        And how come HEAVENS get so many fans cheering for them and load more coverage? They also broadcast STARISH, but since they're on a camping trip, they're dressed more casually, not showbiz-like, making HEAVENS look down on them (from the skies? =w=llll). Natsuki tells the audience on how he feels about the nomination ("It's like a dream. I'm honoured"), but I don't see any fans screaming =3= I mean, I'M a fan, and I sort of squeal out and cheer for him, but there're no fans onscreen to accompany me QAQ Oh well.

       Because both boy bands are nominated for the Uta Pri Award, there's gonna be a concert showdown between the two to pick out the winning group. Obviously, it's bound to be STARISH ((too confident)). Unless they have a twisted ending? QAQ I mean, Maji Love 2000% is awesome! I want them to win *twiddles thumbs* TT^TT

        At least STARISH are more honest and aims to deliver their music to everyone, to make them happy, and not because of the coverage, but Nagi just whistles at them and belittle their efforts and intentions. The leader only smirks. I wanna pull his face off if he keeps on doing that >< 

       Yay! They finally introduce Cecil! :D He's the A, the star symbol, in STARISH! ^^ With this winning combo, HEAVENS is sure to get their hearts broken. Their symbol, a cracked heart, says it all! STARISH will forever shine like a beacon of hope, while HEAVENS will just fall flat on their heavenly posteriors and have their hearts crushed and juiced >:D Mmmm, heavenly heart juice~ ((siao ah?)) 

     STARISH has their eccentric president Shining Saotome, and HEAVENS? "The intimidating creator of HEAVENS, Raging Otori!" More like a raging peacock to me, what with his feathered hat and fancy fur collar. And he has a cigar. He's smoking. Goddamnit, why is people still smoking? I hope he has lung cancer and black teeth. 

     So Raging Entertainment is the industry's greatest agency huh? Shining Agency, Raging Entertainment, I see what you did there, lol! Both the raging president and the raging leader of HEAVENS are obviously related, as they have the same surname, Otori. And both have eye wear XD

     And now Shining is just plain raging. What the hell, dude? You just show all of Nanami's hard work to them and tell them to pick a song for HEAVENS to sing? Seriously? They're meant for STARISH, duh~ It'll totally have a completely different feel to it if some other dudes sing them. That's like me singing Hatsune Miku's songs, which is just plain disturbing. I mean, that pitch! And the mind-numbing speed! I can't reach that high and that fast! @@

      Oh my biscuits, now Raging is setting a benchmark for HEAVENS! You lose, go straight for the booze, because they'll be disbanded if they don't win the award. Apparently, he has "no need for losers". Walao A~ Nagi has a disturbingly high confidence for winning, and a thick skin, if you ask me. And the leader is crazy being "incredibly thrilled" over the idea of disbandment. Shining just HAS to agree to that, too, doesn't he? If STARISH lose, they'll be disbanded as well! Walao A~ I feel for them fans. As much as I dislike HEAVENS, disbandment is just cruel >< 

      The nice brown-haired senpai, Kotobuki, goes to see Shining the next day. He's not worried about STARISH, "but no one wants to see their darling juniors sad." What....?=3= But Shining is sort of right. It's all about skill, and you can't expect to survive after a big loss. Which is why STARISH has to give their all for this! Now the Uta Pri Award is all over the headlines in the magazines and newspapers. Tomo-chan comes to visit them, telling them about how Raging used to be the top idol, with his winning song, LOVE IS DEAD, selling 19 million copies. Ugh. Again, I can't see why people would go for such a depressing song. Unless, of course, they're single and just broke up with someone recently or something like that. They're bound to be sad. But then Shining got his big break and surpasses Raging with his song, 20 million copies of BECAUSE OF LOVE. Sigh~<3 Ai~ ^^

         Ranmaru dismisses STARISH's optimism, thinking that they're bound to be disbanded if they continued on like this. Ai calculated their probability of success as 50%. Cecil finds Camus (I always call him Camus, but for some reason everyone calls him Camiu~ =3=) and thanks him for sending over the song sheet. Actually, it was all Kotobuki's doing, but Cecil is still grateful to Camus, as he teaches him the fundamentals of being an idol. Without his stern teachings, where would Cecil be now? Back on the throne, perhaps.

       Admit it, Camiu~ You're touched XD

       At XYZ TV station (why not ABC? XD), after STARISH finishes with their recording, coincidentally they bump into...HEAVENS! @[]@ (Sounds more like an exclamation to me, lol) Wow, Nagi is just 13 years old. 13! When Ludacris was 13, he had his first love. When I was 13, I was a naive, emo airhead. So when Nagi's 13, he's a freaking idol. Fudge. I contrast with him so much. He acts all cute and extends out his hands. Natsuki can't resist his cuteness and nicety and is about to shake his hands when the little boy slaps his hands away, all feigned nicety gone~ He even pokes his tongue out at Syo, saying how STARISH is so inexperienced compared to them. Yerrr~ What a big head he's got >< "That's enough, Nagi. Let's go" "Why? Let's talk with them some more." You mean taunt them some more with your so-called superiority == You midget~ I could squish you oversized pimple with my thumb~ 

      Nagi suddenly notices Nanami. Manager? No, you twit! She's STARISH's composer, as Cecil points it out. Even Kira the golden-eyed Doesn't-Talk-A-Lot comments Nanami's song as good. NYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~ Get your slimy paws off Nanami, Otori you bastard! You nerd! You! You! llllOTL So what if she has nice eyes. You shall not advance on Nanami! Ohhhh, you just crossed the line, you muadafakar! No way is she going to be your composer. And what's with that smirk again? You're happy over STARISH's provoked look when you take away Nanami? That's just sadist! I'd rather have Toma being S than this creep! Ewwww, now Nanami's their soon-to-be trophy or something. Ew ew ew ew ewwwwww~ His glasses being glazed over with light to make his eyes unreadable and his maniacal laughter is just pure creepy!

      STARISH is now even more pumped up to win. All for Nanami, yeah! *pumps fist* Nanami just stands outside, recalling the events over her head. She's worried, and definitely stressed, what with the new song and all that. That's when Tokiya opens the door and sees Nanami! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TOKIYA SAMA!!!!! <3 Nanami gets all embarrassed and hands him a bag, probably food for them, and just runs off. Q^Q Doko da, Nanami? >m< Tokiya is later seen at the lakeside, the same place where Nanami met Cecil in her dreams, and looks like the first place Nanami met Tokiya as well. Is it? O.O But they're at the agency now, not school. The structure is all so familiar! He just stares into space, having a flashback on how Nanami found him practicing so late. He said that he's struggling with an assignment. Nanami had Tokiya's song sheet in her hands. "Kinishinaide kudasai." ("Don't worry about it.") Sigh~ "This is my assignment. I will make it a song I can be proud of." I'm sure you will! :DDD

       And! Gasp! ASDFGHJKL!!!!!! HE'S SINGING!!!!! IN CRYSTAL TIME, SO CRYSTAL CLEAR~~~~<3<3<3 Yay!!!! They finally, finally, FINALLY hands the mic to him!!!! <3 Too bad there's no story to it, they probably used it all on the first season, BUT HE FINALLY GETS A SONG TO SING, OHMAGAWD~

Do you remember, princess? 
That day we first met.
You were looking up at the sky all alone.
Deep inside your heart
There is a jewel that is only yours.
You probably just haven't found it yet.

       His fudging voice. Oh ma Gawd. It's, wow. That pitch! Waliu~ I wanna hear more!!! <3 There're all that flashbacks of him with Nanami, all from both seasons. Sigh~ And there's a glittery sky, all blue and sprinkled with stars and sparkles~ Cecil: Songs are a mirror that reflect the heart. You are already heading towards the next stage. Too right! Oh look! Nanami! :D Just across the lake, looking sad, actually :( Go to her, you blue knight! She's right there, almost to your reach, if you'd just move that perfect butt of yours and hop onto your horse! She's your fan, now your composer, go already! Don't make me stare your perfectly still features too long!

     Sob~ So fast credits liao~ I wanna know what'll happen~~~~~ Ho! Ho! Backtrack! The lyrics of Maji Love 2000%!

2000% (Hey!) The ultimate love! (Get you!)
Let's get going. (Jump!) Yes! Happy Live!
We've kept you waiting. Lighting the night sky with stars.
(We are STARISH)
Love is a shooting star! 
I need you, S!
I feel you, T!
I miss you, A!
I kiss you, R!
I believe you, I!
I hold you,S!
I want you, H!
STARISH forever!
See how much it's overflowing
Give me! Give me your love! Give me! Ah!
Just 1000% isn't enough
I'll give it to you, 2000% love! (Love!)
You are reborn as a song
Love is an explosion! Dance & dance!
Can you hear me? Listen up!
The voice of dreams
Thank you!
Toki! Doki!
I'm so excited!
We are STARISH. 3,2,1, let's go!
Let's connect with each other!
2000% (Hey!) The ultimate love! (Get you!)
Yes! Happy pulse! Revolution starlight! I'm head over heels for you! (We love you!)
For eternity!
Full power! Full throttle!
2000% I love everything about you
Ba-Bang! Ja-Jan!
Love you!

Hehe~ what do you think of the lyrics' meaning? =w=b Wink, wink! Maybe there'll be more Tokiya in the next episode :D Stay tuned! o>w<o


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Episode 9! We Are STARISH!


       So Cecil left. Full stop. He left behind his amulet and music sheet on his bed. That's how STARISH and Nanami found them in Cecil's vacant cabin when they're about to have breakfast and went to find him. Camus told them that he'd gone back to Agnapolis, his home country, to succeed the throne. So fast =3= Just when he decided that he wanted to become an idol and everyone's all excited because they can't wait to sing with him as a group. Kanasai~ That's bullshit in Hokkien, I think =w=lll

      As much as this news saddens me a teeny bit, I...still want Tokiya >:( Is it because the first season talked too much about him that his story can't be bothered anymore? Is he some sort of fruit salad being left behind to the end of the meal while everyone indulge on ice cream sundaes and cake for dessert instead? Well, let me tell you, he isn't some plain old fruit salad, he is, forever (if it's possible, you know how fangirlism goes =w=lll) in my heart, a macaron-topped chocolate mousse, with pudding at the bottom. Or a Merry Mint sundae. My favourites~<3 

      Now the atmosphere was all sad. The resort didn't seem as much fun anymore without him. STARISH was by the river bank, reminiscing those memories with Cecil. 

      And suddenly, the first notes of Maji Love 2000% on the piano drifted to them. It's Nanami being bad ass at piano! <3 Is this suppose to be some sort of motivation for me to practice my piano? =w=llll So that I can be just as good as her? Yeah, maybe it is =w=lll I seriously wish I can play that song, along with Maji Love 1000% OTL

     She must be venting out her emotions playing and composing or something. It's what most music people would do. I think? =w=lll She handed the music sheet to everyone. Omo, Ren just called her 'my lady' again *melt* Tokiya: Subarashi desu, Nanami-san (It's wonderful, Nanami) Wow~~~~~ *replay replay replay~~~ ((siao~ She blushed! Aw! XD

     They all started writing the lyrics for the song, leaving Cecil's part blank. But the senpais aren't enthusiastic as them. They still think that Cecil returning is downright impossible. Do they have to be so cold? TT^TT But the brown-haired senpai ( damn, i forgot his name again =w=lll) seems to watch them a bit. He's not so bad, more friendlier than the rest of the senpais.

      OMG! It's the President! Shining's back! On a speedboat with the other senseis! He announced that he's chosen one of her songs from all the music sheets she sent, but she proposed the newest one instead, because the rest of the songs she wrote doesn't have Cecil in it. And with Cecil, they could create an awesome harmony. But No! No! No! Cecil's back in his country, and the six of STARISH had been nominated for the Uta Pri award @@ And if they request something else, then they'll be declined of the nomination. But the six of them were determined to wait for Cecil and sing with him. And Shining was about to kick them out of the nomination! @@ Sounna!

      "Matte kudasai! kudasai! kudasai!" Omo! Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Yeah, it's the latter! And he's up in the air, landing with a parachute and a loudspeaker in hand. So fast he's gone. So fast he's back! What lah =3= OK, now gimme Tokiya! ((piak~ Yeah! You tell Shining, Cecil! Sing you guys' harmony! Shining shall regret it if he doesn't listen to them!

     So they started belting out the song! Maji Love 2000% Yatta! XD I'm reading the lyrics for the first time! Keke~ "I need you...S!" Wink wink~ XD "Give me! Give me your love! Give Me! Ah~" Ho ho~ XD Nanami's hair's standing up and out like a red halo! Bursts of stars, sparkles and energy surrounded them as they sang! The senseis and senpais were all sucked into a void filled with colourful, fluffy hearts and more sparkles! Shining was BEL-LOWN~ by this spectacular performance the seven were showing! Everyone was! Even the piano player and the singers themselves! Shocking! XD So Cecil admitted that he used to be a snob in singing, and he envied the bond between Haruka and the rest, and now he's back! Ready to sing in a group! Dropping the idea of going solo! Good for you! XD

      The president gave the green light! The seven were now officially STARISH! ^^The official song: Maji LLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE NISEN PASENTO! ^.^v Cecil produced out this big banner filled with some foreign scribbles, saying that this is the king's permit for letting him become a member of STARISH! Wow! Syo: I can't read it! I can't either! *shrug* Ooo! The brown-haired senpai played a part, too! He sent the music sheet for Cecil to write the lyrics :)))) Wasn't that considerate of him? In your face, cold senpais! >:D 

     Waaaaaaaaah~ Spots of blue laser light shot up the sky, waving as an embodied voice announced the winner of the Uta Prince Award! So fast! @@ A screen appeared in the sky! And, surprise, surprise, STARISH won!!! XD Hmm, but only six people were shown :( Where's Cecil? Oh well >< In second place? HEAVENS! I have no idea who these guys are. They did appear on a magazine Ranmaru was reading over breakfast before. 

      And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes this week's episode of Uta no Prince Sama: Maji Love 2000%.

     ...Now gimme Tokiya ((piak


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Iron Man 3: The End of the Metal Man @@

This is a bit late, due to those stupid midterms >< but I finally have the chance to watch Iron Man 3! ^^ 

       The first movie of the trilogy was not bad. It shows how it all started, and a rather big, fat iron suit =w=lll one which must be pretty uncomfortable with all that weight and bulk. First movies are always epic, somewhat XD

      The second movie? I didn't really watch it, just a glimpse or two of some scenes, like Black Widow kicking those guards' asses, and Tony Stark's in training XD along with War Machine in action and that, uh, scruffy guy with the electrified twin whips @@ I can't really judge on the movie, so moving on!

     Yay! The third! ^^ I love love love the whole story and the concept of it. Those thermal guys? Uh, I mean EXTREMIST, they're freaking creepy @@ Like that woman who found Tony in Tennessee, brrr~ That super strength and regenerating powers she possessed, not to mention the heat! Even after they're charred and burned, they're still moving! That's just creepy!

      Stupid botanist. How the hell did you come up with something so destructive? At first I thought she's all right. But when she said that they could use (USE! D:<) Tony, I changed my mind, just like with the vice president, when he ignored Tony and Rhodes' warning and continue his merry way. So you choose to save your handicapped daughter instead of the whole nation? Walao a~ On one hand, it shows his love for his family; on the other hand, that's just selfish >< But then, Tony also sort of used her back then, for a one night stand ==lll I guess they're even?

    I don't get how regenerating powers can combine with heating ones @@ I mean, Dr. Connors from Spider-man doesn't possess any heat energy or become some human lava to regenerate. 

    Will Pepper be OK? @@ Will they extract the EXTREMIST stuff from her? All the while after she fell down into the inferno, I kept thinking, "OMG, is she going to be OK? I guess she'll be OK, she has that EXTREMIST thing in her, but when is she popping up? When? When? WHEN??? Hurry up and kill that guy already! Iron Man, lu SIAM! I wanna see Pepper!" @@ And she appeared, all bad-ass, and her ABS! OMG, I want her abs @@ she has, like, a few packs @@ I like that she kicked the real Mandarin's butt, and later she calmed down and was like, "Omigod, that's violent @@" LOL XD 

      So now Tony Stark has panic anxiety attacks? @@ But he looked OK in the Avengers @@ My dad kept telling me to study, study and study for SPM during the holidays, at least I don't have any of those panic anxiety attacks at the mention of 'study' :P hopefully not.

     The Iron Patriot! Just a painted version of War Machine XD Both names sound cool :) But enemies misusing that suit? Oh no, you hot-ass bastards >< How dare you just melt the suit to make Rhodney come out and use it again on the president? This is war! ><

      The actor playing the Mandarin was quite funny XD And there's a cameo of Stan Lee! ^^ Even Yinsen! :D The blonde kid in Tennessee plays a role in all this too (haha, Dora the Explorer watch, limited edition XD) Moral of the story: never stand anyone up just to have a one night stand with someone else, they may terrorize the whole nation in the future if you happen to be a superhero @@

     How can someone that nerdy turn out so...handsome? Plastic surgery? EXTREMIST stuff that can not only increase your strength, but can also enhance your attractiveness? Walao~ @@

      Today's a school holiday~ also for the next 11 days, yay! ^^ I just got an update for my PSP and now have more games to play, including Uta no Prince Sama (finally! ^^), Hatusne Miku Project Diva 2nd and Extend ^^ HMPD 2nd has some songs that appear in Extend also, like Megurine Luka's Just Be Friends and Kagamine Rin's Meltdown. They're fun, super addictive, but the graphics are not so appealing as the latest one, since that these games go way back XD But the game play is more or less the same, flying buttons and all, just that they added the star thing in Hatsune Miku Project Diva F. The fan art for the loading screens are just awesome! I get to use them as wallpaper for my PSP ^^ I wonder if I can do the same for the PS3? o.O I wish they can have different feat.s for the songs :( It's weird when guy vocaloids are cast to sing girl songs with girl voices >< and do sexy girl moves =[]=llll

      I also bought books today. More Cathy Cassidy books, yay! ^^ I love her books, even though they seem more for tweens, haha :P I just don't feel like growing up. Now, if only the bookstore has The Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush in stock, that'll make my day XD I didn't even know that Sienna Mercer's My Sister the Vampire has more books in the series too! I only have the first four, and now I bought the 7th book, Lucky Break. They should really hurry up with those imports @@ Or maybe I'll just wait until I get the chance to go to KL's Kinokuniya Bookstore for them. Sigh~ I just hate lagging behind @@

     Just last Friday, I was browsing through some random clothes stalls outside a row of restaurants and cafes when I suddenly spotted a turquoise top, its back all grey cotton. It's wide and flared a bit, but the main point is the picture on the blouse. I can't believe it, IT'S KAGAMINE RIN!!!! XD

It's just like this picture! Did the maker of this top just randomly Googled a picture of an angel and came up with this? The sales lady told me it's an angel. Well, I tell you, it's an ELECTRIC ANGEL XD Those who're in the know about Vocaloid can immediately recognize the yellow ribbon, sailor collar and white headband! XD What a find! Luckily the top didn't make me look old or anything. Flared tops are more for older ladies, but this one suits me fine ^^ Happy dayo! <3 And I just wore it today to the mall, yay~ XD

      Another awesome find is this purple Lauduree shirt from Uniqlo :D I love the macarons scattered all over the shirt!

There's another design that features a bracelet. It's also pretty, but I bought the former instead, 'cause I like macarons more and that should be the main picture of the shirt XD


      All right. Time to hit the mixed-berry-scented hay! Night! Let the holidays commence! Forever and ever! XD

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fantasia of the Stars~ :3

Tokiya! Tokiya! Tokiya! TOKIYA!!!!!! o>w<o

        Wheeeeee~~~~~Midterms is over, my Moral project is done, the holidays are starting, and a new episode commences! On to the 8th! Ikoso~~~~~~~<3

        Wow~a resort house! Shining Agency has a resort house! Totally reminds me of the spa resort back in China. (I didn't go for the spa though ._.) Wa! STARISH is here, the senpais, too! Aleh? @@ Tokiya so fast reach liao want to go training??? Siao~ I'd choose Otoya's suggestion of barbecue and fishing any day! And, matte, did Ren just said something about teamwork? Being important? As in, Ren said that? Seriously? @@ He's such a lone wolf and here he is, uttering those words! @[]@ Ah well, at least Tokiya decides to go with the flow ^^ Have fun a little, dude!

      3 senpais out of four are too cool to be true. Only Reiji wants to have fun like STARISH =w=lll 

      Kyaaaaaa~~~~ Sparkles dance around the boys as they play in the river and catch fish! Imagine them over by the beach, WAY hotter >////w////< Ooo! Cecil's at the resort, too! He's sitting on a branch up a tree, reading the song composed by Nanami ^^ Dayum~ he's got some mad jumping skills. As soon as he's on the ground, Natsuki rushes over and  gives him his customary heart-emitting hug XD though it causes Cecil to accidentally drop his paper. Otoya picks it up, recognizing it as one of Nanami's songs. Kawaii~~~ Cecil gets all embarrassed as he snatches his song back XD

     Poor Nanami >< Everyone's having fun, but she's stuck in her cabin, composing songs >< Stupid president, pressuring her to write so many! OK, fine, not stupid, but just plain challenging >< Just as she looks out of the window, she spots something. Omo! A bouquet of flowers, a basket filled with delicious, scrumptious food, a card saying that they're from STARISH. STARISH, you guys really outdo ourselves! Gamdong dayo~~~ That's some fine bento~ Can I have some? :P ((piak)) Wow, and it's Masato's idea! Nice going, man~ XD

     Cecil is up on a tree again, thinking back on Nastuki's comment, on how his wish has finally come true, now that he has a song written by Nanami. That's not really his true wish. His wish? TO BE WITH NANAMI LAH~ XD Apparently, her music and STARISH's singing frees him from an ancient curse that turns him into a neko, so now he's back to being human, all thanks to Nanami O.O But he's unable to return the favor. He doesn't know how. He's all angst-y now @@ way emo.

     Nanami's seen jogging through the woods, going for dinner while the lighting shows that the sun's setting. Cecil's appearance in the forest almost scared the music notes out of Nanami, lol XD But she sees that it's him and invites him for dinner. The next thing you know, HE'S HUGGING HER @[]@ AW MA GAWD~ C-Cecil??? OMO, HE SAYS THAT HE CAN'T HOLD BACK HIS FEELINGS ANYMORE! WOO~~~~~ XD He confesses!!! Those three words! He says it! Eeeeeee~~~~~<3 Ai desu~~~~<3 Oh! Oh! But then he says that he can't help thinking back of the fans' smiles, realizing that he, too, wants to become an idol! Well, finally! The joy of being an idol finally gets into his princely brain! But he's sad because he feels like he hasn't given Nanami anything in return. I get that feeling a lot, dude @@ It's like the other party has gone through all that trouble giving us their help, but we're unsure of how to return the big favor @@ But then, seriously, there's nothing wrong of wanting to be an idol. It's not like you're cheating on Haruka =w=lll She supports your decision already, so go! Shoo shoo! Dinner is also an important meal of the day. Or is that the night? =w=lll

     lllOTL He says his heart is too full he's not gonna eat dinner =w=llll It's funny how people insisted that they dislike something and refused to do something but look at them now! They're doing it! =w=lll Go, Syo! Tease him to the death! Errr, did Masato just...laugh? @@ It's so rare!

     Hey...but...where's Tokiya's spotlight??? Heeeyyyy, don't tell me this is all about SHESHIL??? =m= Hmph! I was SO looking forward to Tokiya being the centre of attention, and now it's totally delayed! Dammit! Well, at least Cecil's blue amulet is pretty. What? Fireflies, green ones, surround him for a moment and suddenly, lyrics pop up on his paper??? Did you just call Muse to write the lyrics FOR you??? The others wrote them by themselves, and you slack it off by asking a GODDESS for help??? That's cheating! This totally makes the idols' writing a cruel memory! Hey! >< 

      The night sky is spinkled with stars, and Nanami comments on how STARISH are like those sparkly dots, they're so sparkly, she can...stare at them forever? =w=lll Nanami, where is this going? =w= "Stare at them forever"? Ren asks, "Is this a confession of love?" My thoughts exactly =w=b Usually Masato is so cold, but it's nice seeing him warming up with the others :) 

     Lol, Camus' voice narrating through Cecil's flashbacks almost makes me think that it's Otoya who says that in such a deep voice! I'm almost floored by that XD Cecil's all spiritual to the gods now and starts singing on a bridge. Everyone hears it! Lovely, isn't it? :))) He sparkles and hearts float around before bursting into colourful musical notes. I just noticed how a lot of sparkles are used in production of this series =w=lll Even the rest of STARISH joins in. A total group match! He's the missing piece of the puzzle! Well, why didn't we think of that? =w=llll

      Ooo! A fancy purple envelope with a gold seal! A letter from the King! It says that he's to pass the crown to Cecil and that he wants him to return to Agnapolis at once! What a typical mood breaker =.= Everything is finally in place, and now a mood breaker, a new conflict, is all we need. Nice. Real nice. Hmm, maybe Camus can help out. He's been watching Cecil these days =w=

     Oh well, time to go~ tuition starting @@ Am very very very VERY disappointed that it's not all about Tokiya TT^TT What, is he some sort of dessert that I have to wait after I finish the main course? Sigh~ Ja. TT^TT

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin, say what? @@

It's only 7 episodes, 18 more in the upcoming weeks, I wanna see what happens next! ((too lazy to read manga :P

      Just. Wow. Holy mother of jam doughnuts, this is epic. I love how the story unfolds @@ Such creatures like the Titans are simply...massive @@ A stab in the guts or a cannon shot over the head just won't do. Well, a nape in the neck could. And they mostly survive on sunlight and have very high temperatures, with hot gases spurting and slithering out of their bodies. What are they, plants without chlorophyll? I mean, c'mon, they survived for an entire century without food. And why are we humans so tasty to them? Why not the animals for a change of diet? Cannibalism much? o.O And that Colossal Titan? InSANE~ He's intellectual, he's ginormous, he's totally hot (literally hot, and not your average Oh-Em-Gee-He's-So-Hot kind of hot @@), plus he has TELEPORTING SKILLS, GAWD @@ At least, I think he has. Otherwise, how would you explain the struck of lightning and his massive disappearance in a blink of an eye? He ain't no mini David Copperfield, I can tell you that @@ Is is just me, or is the Colossal Titan's head smaller on his giant beefy body? That's just so not proportioned >< 

       I love the equipment and weapons used by them soldiers. It totally helps going to school if we ever have those 3D thingamajig XD But then, according to Wikipedia, them thangs can "overtax our muscles". Ergh, this ain't your average PE session then @@ And those super steel or whatnot double blades are so cool! If only I can use them for broadsword lessons in Taichi XD but then, they're...not broad...@@

     Speaking of Taichi, I have a competition this coming Saturday. So fast @@ I'm just about to finish my exams, lack of training for 3 weeks. How is that preparation for it? Sigh~ I might as well train last minute ><

       Anyhoo, when there's an epic story, there're always epic characters :))) here's Eren Jaeger, on his quest to save humanity and avenge his mother; Mikasa, a pretty, cool Orient, aka Asian, though of mixed blood 'cause his father's white. She's Eren's adoptive sister after her parents were killed by slave traders and she's rescued by Eren. Plus she's top notch in the Military Squad, but instead of living in comfort and safety in the inner districts and serving the King, she joins Eren in the Recon Corps, as he's the only family she's got. Armin, their blonde pal, excels in his academic performance, but he's rather weak on the physical aspect. A hero always has a nemesis, not to mention a jealous one, and Jean fills in that position perfectly. He's obnoxious and just joins the training just so he can graduate and be in the Military Force and live in lazy luxury. He totally has a crush on Mikasa, but seeing her close to Eren just racks his nerves and makes him see red. There's a food-loving soldier, Sasha Braus. Or is that Blouse? o.O She's my favourite, even though she does have a crazy thing for food, way more than me @@ I wish I can cosplay as her! TT^TT With a bun in hand, some hair extensions or a wig and a costume, and a touch of makeup, BAM! Instant Sasha lookalike XD

       The other Titans, especially abnormal ones, are so funny-looking. There's one who wiggles his way over to the civilians with his forearms swaying and his upper arms pinned to his sides. =w=llll But most of them have these funny wide grins on their faces. Weird @@ 

      Ugh. Eren's just got chomped down by Father Christmas Titan @@ He's got a beard, see? lol. Poor Eren @@ His leg and arm broke off, too, ew >< So now he's handicapped. Sigh~ Poor, poor Eren TT^TT 

     I wonder if there's gonna be any romance between Eren and Mikasa :P A bit of love won't hurt, will it? XD Or maybe it's another family thing. I won't mind that. Oh well >w<

     I shall continue watching episode 7 now. Can't wait for Uta Pri tomorrow~ keke~ ^^