Friday, 21 June 2013

Episode The Twelfth! OwOb HEAVENS GATE~

Warning: viewer's discretion is advised, as this episode may cause excessive fangirlism while its playing. Do search the video up on Google, sit back and enjoy the show~ Or just buy their DVD to support the company :D

        LOL. Before we delve into this week's goodie bag, let's just say that this episode has the typical "sugoi, what's this? I've never heard of such thing''s....beyond our levels. SUGOI~" sort of theme, but hey, so does every anime XD Why? Well, apparently QUARTET NIGHT is totally affected by their juniors' song Maji Love 2000%. They're on cloud nine, seeing hearts and sparkles everywhere the last time they heard the song. Ai comes to care for STARISH, in his own computerized, robots-have-a-heart way. Did I mention that Ai's a humanoid? :P You can find out more about it on the Wiki or the game play. Whenever he recalls back to the song, he can feel something in his chest, a metal heart that finally learns to feel human emotions and be touched. Believing in others, is rather foreign to this humanoid. For some reason, his face...when he's taken away by the Maji Love cloud, it looks so...erotic? =w=llllll Hehehehehehehehe~ XD
        Even Ranmaru feels something, but he tries to be ignorant about it, doesn't want to admit that he's got the Maji Love bug. For a rock-and-roller, he used to be rolled over by his band mates as they abandon him during their last concert, before he joins QUARTET NIGHT. This turn of event results in the cold and unfriendly Ranmaru we have today, though I can see his layers of emoness shedding a bit after listening to Maji Love 2000%.

       Camus (or Camiu~ XD) makes his own conclusion that everyone who hears the song is definitely affected by it, and may experience some change, though HE himself won't confess about how it's affecting him, too. Totally the same as Ranmaru, just prouder. It seems that QUARTET NIGHT only sings together sometimes, when Shining wants them to. Most of the time, they work alone primarily. Not like STARISH, who're a group, a team.

       Reiji's still the upbeat, friendly senpai among them all. I like his positive attitude and his way of reaching out to his co-members. Pity him for having to work with those cold senpais, but I don't think he minds.

       STARISH is all pumped up and praises Nanami for her brilliant arrangement. Tomo-chan and Ringo sensei chip in, too, making their (sexy) sparkly stage clothes~ complete with their signature colours and tassels, tassels, tassels~ After that, they go practice their dance, with Nanami playing the piano, and the senpais watching them. Most of them are OK with their moves, only.....Cecil.....he's just spinning in slow motion, arms spread wide, sparkles encircling him as he does his slow dance and everyone just stops and watches him with awed looks and sweatdrops =w=llll They try the second time, but Cecil is still spinning =w=llll I don't think anybody can resist his perfect, handsome face, those high slanting cheekbones, his chocolate hair~ >///w///< But, seriously though, that dance is just ridiculous =w=llllll LMAO. Apparently, "It's a traditional sacred dance of Agnapolis. It's a dance for the muses, the Agnadance." LOL, and a habit of the prince XD "The prince of Aganpolis sings more than he speaks. He begins dancing as soon as he's old enough. Everything is for the muses." Cue Cecil back in his childhood, all little and cute~ >w< Kawaii~~~~<3

        OK, back to business! Syo takes charge, teaching Cecil the right moves and helping him overcome his habit. I never expected this, but them working together, after countless little quarrels, I guess people change =w= As long as Cecil doesn't spin randomly, he'll be fine~ XD 

       Later, in the music room~ it's the middle of the night, Cecil sneaks out of bed and actually continues practicing. I don't blame him XD Sometimes I get up from bed and start doing things I feel like doing whenever inspiration strikes. It's like a calling from passion. Cecil sweating, kakoyiii na~~~~ suteki~~~~ >////w////< Sigh~ His sweat just sparkles like dewdrops~

      This anime is just full of people believing in each other =w=lllll too much faith in one series. One by one, the other members of STARISH arrives to watch him, coincidentally =w=llll Their performance is tomorrow :O What will they do now?

      The next day! THE DAY FINALLY COMES. It's the concert showdown between the Uta Pri Award nominees STARISH and their rival HEAVENS!!!!! Ohoho~ 11 episodes, 77 days of waiting and 15 minutes into the episode and we've FINALLY REACH THE ULTIMATE COMPETITION~~~~WOO!!!!! XD Feeling sho high right now~~~ lol! XD Jets, multicoloured hot air balloons, helicopters, all present to broadcast the show live! The Uta Prince Brand New Award! Woooo~~~~~ XD In their dressing room, STARISH are all dressed, handsome as ever, ready for their song! Cecil claims that he has suppressed his habit for the Agnadance, O.O He's still spinning =w=llll It's OK, apparently he's just doing it as a prayer to the muses, his angelic face lit up by more sparkles. Where the heck do those sparkles come from anyway? =w=llll Throughout the whole 12 episodes, not one is lacking the sparkles, LOL! Well, as Ren, Masato and Tokiya say, let's just believe =w=llll 

        Just great. == As Nanami climbs up the stairs, guess who she bumps into? It just has to be HEAVENS, doesn't it? =.= Otori is still S as ever, Nagi the little midget...still a midget =3= and Kira stays silent all the way. I just noticed a cute little gold bunny on the lapel of Kira's shirt, matching his golden eyes. Jiiiiiii~ just move your heavenly asses already, the three of you! =3= Nanami needs you guys to GTFO, so why are you as annoying and persistant as the mosquitos in my room? == And get your hands off Nanami, Otori == Slimy git, even though he has very nice purple eyes. Thank goodness Ranmaru comes to the rescue. After the bullies have gone, he asks Nanami a question that has obviously been invading his mind the whole time ever since he heard STARISH's song: What are friends to you? 

      As she dips her head down and smiles, I can just imagine Nanami going, "Friends are the sparkliest stars you'll ever see in your life, who showers you with rainbow hearts and lots and lots of love~!" =w=llll nah, it's not that fuwa fuwa. She just answers that to her, friends are people who feel each other's passion up close. Exactly like what Reiji said earlier. I thought friends are like stars to you? Apparently not today =w=lll Wait, does Ranmaru have grey eye shadow on his eye lids? =w=llll 

      Sparks flare! Just outside the stadium where the concert is held. Everyone's there, cheering them on, witnessing the battle of the boy bands. Hyuuga sensei shall be the commentator >//w//< Up in the theatre boxes are the committee seats, all occupied by prominent figures in various fields, serving as members of the Uta Pri committee. They're all dressed to impress, wearing masks like dancers in a ballroom. 

      A cold laugh echoes throughout the stadium, revealing both Raging Otori and Shining Saotome rising up on cylindrical platforms, still laughing =w=llll They sure have a lot in common. Lightning crackles around Raging, as he calls out to HEAVENS, with Raging Storm as their song. STARISH just watch them on TV in their dressing room, checking out their opponent.

      One word for Raging Storm: wow O.O You know how fuwa fuwa, bubbly and happy STARISH's songs are? Well, theirs is the complete opposite. All rock and bass and angst. The BASS~<3 (Mio!!! ((eh? This ain't K-On =w=lll) They ooze charisma and cool. I dislike them at first, they're so obnoxious and stuck-up, but once they open their mouths to sing, I'm blown, swept away by their fiery song, like the rest of the fans. I'm being pulled down to their fan base, the judges are burned - I'M burned - by the dragon's blue fire, by their performance, just awed by it. O.O It just gives me the goosebumps~ Already I keep replaying their performance for more than 10 times O.O STARISH is all hearts and rainbow colours and sparkles, but HEAVENS, oh no, none of that fluffy shit, they're all blue fire and explosions and martial arts, the lime light shining from the sky, with them riding on this big ass dragon (Skyrim~~~ FUS RO DAH~~~((piak~). They even spell out their group name like STARISH did in Maji Love 2000%. Their song is, after all, composed by Nanami as well. Yes, call HEAVENS~ Yes, call HEAVENS~ Oooo~ I even know some of their moves, which look like they're drawing a halo around their heads, signifying their fans, the Angels. They actually sing...pretty excellent @@ Shit~ How will STARISH win this thang with their fluffy, happy song? =3= It's so obvious that HEAVENS' song is by far the strongest. The coolest. The most powerful compared to STARISH's @@ Doushiyo????? OMG, am I actually switching sides??? ((chigau!!! QAQ And how come the fans are still standing and cheering and not burned into a tray of chips after getting doused in blue flames? This makes no sense =3=

       STARISH just look at the TV screen, shell shocked. HEAVENS pose on stage, the blue fire licking at their feet, their index fingers pointing skyward. They might as well give them the middle finger, finishing off the message they're sending them with a flourish =w=b Nanami and Tomo-chan look up at them among the audience, frightened, awed, by their immense talent in music. Shit just got real~

      Wish they can quickly broadcast the next episode >3< I wanna see the fudging results!

      I skipped my Grade 5 piano exams yesterday. Children should not do this :P I'm just not prepared for it. I chickened out, I know, but I don't feel like taking up the exams QAQ I mean, I'm interested in piano, I really do, but most of the time I just depend on my mood and see if I want to play it and practice or not. I didn't expect my piano exams to be this early either QAQ At first, I thought that I was going to take it AFTER SPM, but it turns out to be this year, this month. Great >< Just brilliant. Even if I do go take up the exams, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail it anyway, like my last exam, since that I barely practiced. When will I get to play like Nanami? QAQ lllOTL

      Today's Sports Day back in my school. My last one =3= sigh~ I miss it already QAQ I didn't really watch the races and sprints and all that, but I had a great time with my friends, chatting, laughing, making jokes, reminisce stories. I only ate a slice of Domino's pepperoni pizza (Thanks, Alice ^^), bought an orange popsicle and an orange sherbet. Oishiii~ ^^ Too bad I didn't buy any of the rice cakes and kuih the Form 3's were selling QAQ Sigh~ Currypuff, me want QAQ Truth be told, this year's YE's products on sale aren't as appealing, and seem to go downhill a bit. Sorry QAQ That aside, the whole school is just bursting with students and teachers alike. My schoolmates are such a supporting audience, cheering the athletes on, shouting out for their teams. You'd think it's some sort of concert, the way they're screaming =w=llll That's OK, I sort of shouted as well :P Way up on the balcony outside the classrooms. A few graduates and old friends from Tenby stopped by at school, a total reunion ^^ And then there're the uniformed groups, marching on the field, countless marching practices over the past few months and years paid off, all tanned and upright and steady in their positions and formations. Sugoi O.O 

      Once the whole event was over, I went to the convenience store across the school with my bestie, eating cup noodles to our hearts' content ^^ I'm gonna miss these moments I spent with my friends QAQ wuuuu~ Why can't days like these go on forever and ever? I actually feel shiawase, all happy. Happy that I have such awesome pals, ones who I'm proud to call my besties. Happy that I get to experience the ups in life.

      I guess sooner or later I'll have to face the downside as well. SPM is coming in less than 5 months, the teachers constantly reminding us the countdown. Sigh. Even my parents are getting uptight over my lack of studying. Shit QAQ Doushiyo??? Kowaii na, testo QAQ 

      10 A's, here I come. Yippee ==

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